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ıτ мαy ηøτ вяıηg вαςĸ {yεs} ● {τεя} ● {δαy}

αηδ ıτ {мαy} ● {ηøτ} αζsø ςђαηgε τøмøяяøω °

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Oh Nano.

What are those last 2 options? sob sob

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if I'm not mistaken, the 3rd is "the weather is good today, right?" and the 4th is "I'm hungry" xD

and resently Jack had a simmilar poll where the options were "girl", "boy" and "unknown" xD of course almost everyone picked the last one, lol

LOLOL. /has bad kanji skills orz/

FFFFFF. If only I knew enough kanji to pick the lulzy choices. |:

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