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ıτ мαy ηøτ вяıηg вαςĸ {yεs} ● {τεя} ● {δαy}

αηδ ıτ {мαy} ● {ηøτ} αζsø ςђαηgε τøмøяяøω °

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Just got back from volunteering at the nearby bunkasai (cultural festival)! o:

I was helping with the Yo Yo Sukui booth. It's basically that game where you try to scoop up goldfishes with paper nets until your nets break. It's hard. xD Of course, we couldn't get fish, so we just used super balls. Still hard. xD

A bunch of little kids played. They were sooooo cute. QQ They kept speaking Japanese with their mothers and their mothers were all "/takes pictures/" and going all "Sugoi~" when they got a ball and "Ah, muzukashii ne~" when the net broke. But dude, this when girl got a whopping 5 balls and a guy from our club was all "Dude, she's gonna take all our balls. D:"

And an interesting note was that there was a Japanese woman with an African child. She was speaking Japanese to him while he played and I was like "?! [[ This is so American... orz ]]"

But then we ran out of nets. xD;; So the guy in charge left and I stayed. Then some girl with a smashed watermelon comes and is like "The people who smashed it don't want it...Do you want it?"

Hell. Yes. Except it's smashed and I'm clawing at the watermelon to eat it. xDD

When the guy in charge comes back I show my free watermelon to him and he got all "/scrunches face, wtf expression/"

It was a good. Very good. C:

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that's so interesting *A* I'd love to see the photos if there're any.
So you're living in Japan now??

No. xD;; I'm still in California~ <3

I see x'D
still, it's amazing that you have those kinds of things even in California ^^ and you even can meet Japanese people in the streets like this?.. aww, so envious~ xD

Mainly around the school events, since the schools in this area are filled with a lot of Asians. xD;;

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