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Yuya Matsushita
Saw Yuya Matsushita's concert yesterday at Fanime. *3* Was too tired to write anything last night. xD;;

He sounds quite good live. QQ It's very nice.

Pelvic thrusts = I C UR FANSERVICE, YUYA

On the big screen you could see his sweat and my friends and I were like "*_* Only thing better than Yuya Matsushita is a hot and sweaty Yuya Matsushita."

He also read English from a card. It was cute. C: Especially when he stumbled over Black Butler. xD "Black Buteer--Buterasdfka--/fangirl squeals in background/ Kuroshitsuji. /times ten the squeals from before/" He also taught us Sebastian's famous line. *_* He went from normal voice to deep, sexy voice so quickly I was like "/covers mouth, shock at hotness/ orz"

It was funny when he was about to do... B|a Secret Love? Can't remember, but they brought out chairs for it, and they had a miscue. :'D Wrong song and he was like "Missu desu, missu desu :D;;;" And the audience were all "lol :'D"

Also bought his album and had him sign it at his autograph session before the concert. *_* On the way to my friend's house she was like "Wait, Yuya touched the CD.../collective squeal from 4 girls/"

QQ Too much fangirling last night. Must return to normal indifferent self soon.

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He's so pretty in person. *_*

The pictures started at 3, and we got there at 2. People were already lining up, but the staff were like "Don't line up please, you're blocking the way." Since the place is in Dealer's Hall, we went to Artist Alley and hung out there (studying chem...orz) until 2:50. Except by then the line was uber long and my friend couldn't get a picture with Yuya. QQ

They also had a raffle of signed posters! One of our friends (who we became friends with while waiting in line for his concert : D) won one of the posters and we were like "PICTURE OF POSTER PLZ" and "OMG HE PERSONALLY GAVE YOU THAT POSTERRR" and such. They also ended it 15 minutes early. I bet it was because he was traumatized by us rabid American fans. :U AMERICAN FANS ARE ALWAYS MORE RABID AND SHAMELESS THAN JAPANESE ONES.

For every single event that Yuya was at. LOL
WERE YOU AT THE Q-A Panel today???? HOLY CRAP. He was SO CLOSE it wasn't even FUNNY, during the picture at the end a;ldskgja;sldkfja s;dlkfj

HEEE Yuyaaaaa~

My friend was like "Everyone's gonna rush to Dealer's Hall after the Q&A, so let's not go" and we studied chemistry instead. LOLOL... orz

Ahhh. I lost my ticket, so I couldn't get a picture with Yuya. But then we would've lined up late, so it wouldn't have mattered. QQ...


What kind of stuff happened at the Q&A O3O?

He just talked in that VOICE of his. Said the butler line again. Sang acapella for us, and then took a picture with all of us. I was sitting on the aisle seat of the third row so when they told us to get up for the picture, I almost smashed into him LOLOL. I was standing RIGHT behind him though. damn he smelled good

Yeahhh and then afterwards, we went to the Dealer's Hall and just took pictures of him in between when people were posing, so I have a bunch of pictures of him just like... standing there and grinning. BUT THAT IS OKAY WITH ME as;dlkfja;glsdkjf <3

/flailflail/ I should've dragged my friend to the Q&A. QQ Ahhh. So jelly. RIGHT behind him?! orz orz /envyenvyenvy/

They ended it so early. QQ It was supposed to end at 4, right? orz Ahhh. Oh well. ilu anyways Yuya. <3

I COULD SMELL HIM. I was THAT CLOSE. And everyone was pushing forward to be close so like... I could literally FEEL his BODY HEAT. a;sdlkgja;woeijf;asdlkgj as;ldkfja;sldkfj
It took EVERYTHING I HAD not to just hug him from behind or something. ><
And at the autograph session, we almost bumped heads because we bowed at the same time. LOL
I wish we HAD bumped heads. a;sdlkfja;sldfjas;dlkfj
Yeahhhh well they had to catch a plane so... ><


LOL. I like how American otakus have picked up the bowing thing. :'D Of course. I'm already Asian so it's already ~*~natural~*~

Ahhh. That makes sense. QQ I saw a picture of him on the plane in the Yuya comm. He looked tired. :C <3


...Unless we scared you off with our shamelessness. B|a

I can see my friend's blue glowstick in that staff pic of him singing Trust Me. I'm like "AW YEAHHH I'M IN THE PICTURE..."

LOL I'm 100% Azn too. Heeee
I bow to everyone. O.O even my English Lit teachers. HAHAHAH

Yeahhh his blog posted that pic.
I'm hoping that the staff will post his pic from the QA panel. ladkfj;asldkjf

I think as much as he is frightened of us, it's always nice to see so many people who love him SO much and aren't afraid to show it. LOL So I'm hoping that he'll remember how much we screamed and cheered and stuff. ^^

LOLOL I can see my red dress from the pic of his panel. WHOOT WHOOT I made it into one of his picssss~

Woahhh. I don't bow at school. School has too Western of an atmosphere, I guess~ But when I meet new people I always do that half-bow/nod thing. xD

We Americans/Westerners are just expressive like that, yeah~? <3
Yeah. I usually don't scream, but I got all hyped up from the surrounding energy. xD But I don't understand how Japanese people can wave their glowsticks for so long. QQ /kept switching hands because her arms got tired/

Really? I bow EVERYWHERE.
Part of the reason we almost bumped heads is because I bowed SO FRICKIN LOW when he signed my poster. I was like... almost 90 degrees. XDDDD
I would have like... gotten on my knees if I were allowed to. O.O
he's like... god... except he can dance and sing and is made of sex XDDD

DUDDEEEE for the FLOW part of the concert, me and my friend totally trolled the Mosh-pit in front and just jumped up and down with the head banging and the fist pumping and I don't think I could have remembered how to BE tired; it was just so amazinggg~

But it comes back to bite me in the ass... this morning I woke up and my feet and legs and arms and ENTIRE BODY just... protested. REALLY REALLY LOUDLY. Same with my voice. I can't speak anymore. It's quite painful. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. SO EFFING WORTH IT. <3333

I don't. xD;; Just sometimes. QQ;;
OMG. That makes me think of SiWon from SuJu~ He always bows so low. xD ALWAYS. WITHOUT EXCEPTION. I wonder what Yuya thought of that~ /amused/
God. How do people sing and dance at the same time? And he sounds so nice live...QQ <3

My friends and I left during intermission. Homework and one of our friends had to go already, so yeah. o3o

LOL. xD I sang Magnet a lot that day. Mainly because at the maid cafe we were all "Sing us a song~" and I ended up singing Magnet because a friend brought the romaji for it. xD! The maid complimented me. QQ <3

Haha. Yep, that's me. LOL
I think he thought I was Japanese. Cause my friend is white and we both spoke to him in Japanese but he always spoke Japanese back at me but NEVER at her. It was kinda funny cause her Japanese is actually better than mine. So she was like WHY WON'T HE SPEAK TO ME IN JAPANESE ?! T^T

I don't know. He is just that amazing
OH DEAR LORD WHEN HE SANG ACAPELLA FOR US AT THE PANEL sa;ldkfja;weotija;sldkfj a;sdlkfj
His voice is beyond all words. Just... oh my...

D'awww I wish I could have gone today. I had too much hw. This is what I get for ditching it for the entire weekend. LOL

He is worth EVERYTHING and then some.

LOL. I didn't say anything because my Japanese is super limited. QQ 2 years of high school Japanese gets me only so far... orz

Yes. All Asians look the same, even to other Asians. :'D Except some Asian creepers can tell what parts of China people are from. Creepy. e_e;;

Bah. Yeah. Need to study and do more homework. QQ But I am procrastinating... orz

AH HA. At first I was like "Oh, Yuya's coming to Fanime! He sings nice. I guess I'll see his concert. : D" and now I'm all "YUYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

All I said was "Arigatou gozaismashita" and then bowed SUPER low. He just smiled THAT SMILE and said "Arigatou" back and my life was just... COMPLETE.

I was kinda like that too. I did flail him... but only to a certain degree.

OOOOOH. *_______________*

Ah ha. Life changing experience is life changing. xD

Damn right. XD It was like enlightenment. HEEEE

I hope staff/Yuya makes a post about how rabid excited we were. QQ I always like reading those kind of posts, especially since it's kinda rare for Japanese artists to hold concerts overseas.

LOL I think they did... the one with the number count of the people that came to get his autograph XDDD

Whatttt. Link plz? orz /fails at finding these things/

LOL here:


That's his blog. Usually, the staff update it, but once in a while, he'll write something.

The pics on there are all TOTALLY ADORABLE. So yeah. STALK AWAYYYY <3333

Stalking like a creeper~ 8D

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